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S Crank Cranbait Blank - Unpainted - 5pk

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Introducing Shallow Diving S-Shape Crank Bait Blanks: Elevate Your Lure Craft

🎣 Elevate Your Lure Craft: Discover the pinnacle of bait crafting excellence with our remarkable Shallow Diving S-Shape Crank Bait Blanks. These blanks provide the canvas for creating lures that mirror the elegance of natural prey, drawing in elusive catches with a blend of precision and finesse.

🌟 Captivating Realism: Designed with expert precision, our Shallow Diving Crank Bait Blanks perfectly replicate the lifelike swimming action of prey fish. As they gracefully navigate the water, their motion lures fish in with a realism that's simply irresistible.

💡 Dive into Success: Craft your lures with confidence, as each cast reveals the flawless and rapid diving action that sets these blanks apart. Engineered for shallow dives ranging from 2 to 6 feet, they effortlessly maneuver through waters, ensuring your lures perform optimally.

🔥 Bonus Silver Eyes Included: As a special bonus, we're including 5 sets of FREE 6MM Silver Eyes with every package of 5 Shallow Diving S-Shape Crank Bait Blanks. These eye-catching accents add a touch of visual allure to your lure designs, enhancing their lifelike appeal.

🎈 Product Details:

  • Type: Shallow Diving S-Shape Crank Bait Blanks
  • Realistic Swimming Action
  • Smooth and Rapid Diving Capability
  • Shallow Diving Range: 2-6ft
  • Bonus: FREE 6MM Silver Eyes
  • Quantity: Package of 5

📏 Dimensions:

  • Size: 77MM
  • Weight: 13.8G

🐟 Crafted for Success: Tailored for both seasoned anglers and budding enthusiasts, our Shallow Diving S-Shape Crank Bait Blanks cater to all levels of expertise. Mold them into lures that command attention, captivate the water, and redefine your angling success.

Explore the art of bait crafting mastery with our Shallow Diving S-Shape Crank Bait Blanks. Unleash their potential, transform your designs into reality, and redefine your angling prowess with each cast.

🛒 Shop now and experience lifelike allure with Shallow Diving Crank Bait Blanks!

S-crank unpainted lure blank