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Please Note: We will be closed Thursday June 20 - Monday June 24 for Inventory (Fishing). All orders in this time frame will be shipped Tuesday June 25
Please Note: We will be closed Thursday June 20 - Monday June 24 for Inventory (Fishing). All orders in this time frame will be shipped Tuesday June 25

Soft Bait Plastisol - Regular 19L

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This high-quality plastisol for pouring or injecting into soft plastic bait molds, making it a vital resource for any project related to creating soft plastic bait. With a high heat tolerance and the ability to be reheated multiple times without losing its clarity, this product is ideal for creating a variety of baits such as worms, swimbaits, grubs, craws, finesse baits, and more. Experience the unbeatable consistency and action that our plastisol provides, and watch as the fish (and you) can't resist its appeal.

  • Low Odour
  • Low Bubbles
  • Outstanding Heat Stability
  • Non Yellowing / Scorching
  • No Hard Packing
  • Floating

Super Soft-Finesse – Versatile for both drop shot and finesse techniques, these soft and pliable baits offer exceptional movement and performance.

Medium-Swimbait – From beginners to professionals, this blend is versatile and popular for all types of fishing, from swim baits to frogs. With its consistent quality, it will always deliver exceptional results. This product boasts the perfect balance of firmness and flexibility, making it suitable for both seknos and swimbaits.

Medium Ultra Clear is a versatile blend with a firmer consistency and enhanced clarity, making it suitable for a variety of purposes. It offers the perfect balance between stiffness for hook sets and flexibility for realistic swim baits.

Medium-Hard-Saltwater – Suitable for use in saltwater conditions. Ideal for a wide range of soft baits such as senkos and frogs. Provides a slightly firmer texture while maintaining durability.

Tough-Saltwater – Designed for large, carnivorous fish such as Muskie, known for their sharp, prominent teeth. Developed to be tough and firm, providing reliable performance for all your fishing needs.



Ensure the plastisol is heated to 325-350 degrees Fahrenheit (163-177 Celsius) without overheating. Take caution to prevent splashing or spilling of the hot plastisol, as it can cause severe burns. Always wear a approved respirator and safety goggles while heating the plastisol. To further protect against burns and splatters, wear gloves, closed toe shoes, and long sleeve shirt and pants. Work in a well-ventilated area, as heated plastisol releases gases. Never allow other liquids to come into contact with the hot plastisol, and if it accidentally burns, evacuate the area until all smoke and fumes have dissipated.


Plastisol is a milky white liquid that transforms into a clear, syrup-like consistency when heated to the correct temperature. Prior to each use, it is crucial to thoroughly mix the product. We suggest utilizing a paddle type mixer and mixing for a minimum of 2-4 minutes before usage. Make sure to blend the bottom of the container thoroughly and mix at a slow and gentle pace to avoid creating bubbles. It is important to never shake or mix the plastisol vigorously, which can result in the formation of micro bubbles.


For best results, we suggest using a melting pot with a slow mixer to heat your plastisol evenly and avoid burning. To melt the plastisol, fill a Pyrex cup with 4-8 ounces and heat for 1 minute before stirring gently. Continue heating in 30-second intervals until the plastisol becomes clear and has a syrup consistency, typically between 1:30 to 2 minutes. Once the plastisol is clear, it is safe to add glitter, coloring, salt, or approved scents and mix them in gradually. To prevent bubbles, it is important to stir gently; avoid shaking or mixing at high speeds as this introduces air bubbles. For even better results, we recommend allowing the plastisol to cool for 5 minutes before reheating it to melt stage. This should eliminate the majority of bubbles.




To ensure the best results, proper storage of Plastisol is crucial. Store the product in a controlled environment with a temperature range of 50-90 degrees F (10-32c). It is imperative to keep the unused Plastisol sealed to prevent moisture contamination and potential bubbling. Before each use, be sure to thoroughly mix the Plastisol to avoid separation. In the case of long-term storage, extra mixing time may be necessary before use.

Packaged in Canada by CMA Distributing. Master-Angler