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Please Note: We will be closed Thursday June 20 - Monday June 24 for Inventory (Fishing). All orders in this time frame will be shipped Tuesday June 25
Please Note: We will be closed Thursday June 20 - Monday June 24 for Inventory (Fishing). All orders in this time frame will be shipped Tuesday June 25

Soft Bait Plastisol - Regular

Original price $ 64.95 CAD - Original price $ 64.95 CAD
Original price $ 64.95 CAD
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$ 69.95 CAD - $ 69.95 CAD
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142 Super Soft-Finesse – Ideal for Drop Shot and Delicate Baits. Incredibly supple and bendable baits that exhibit fantastic movement underwater.

212 Medium Swimbait – Most versatile and most popular - from swim to frogs, From beginner to pro, This blend will not disappoint. Firm enough for seknos but flexible enough for swim baits.

242 Medium Ultra Clear – much like medium swimbait with added clarity and low odour- from Multi-purpose blend. Firm enough for seknos but flexible enough for swim baits.

262 Medium-Hard- Saltwater – Tough enough for Salt water. Great for senkos, craws, frogs, and all other soft baits. Slightly stiffer baits when you want some firmness and durability.

312 Tough - Saltwater - Muskie, Large Swimbaits, & Tubes. Extremely Tough and firm! 

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Same Plastisol in 19L (5 U.S. gallon) pails available here

Dive into the World of Bait Crafting Magic with Liquid Plastisol: Where Creativity Takes Shape

🎣 Take Your Craft to New Heights: Embark on a journey of bait crafting excellence with our incredible Liquid Plastisol. This soft liquid plastic opens the door to crafting soft baits that demand attention, redefine realism, and bring your bait-making dreams to life.

🌟 Unmatched Clarity: Inspired by a history of craftsmanship, our Liquid Plastisol turns your ideas into living creations with unparalleled clarity. See your baits come to life, capturing the beauty of nature and setting a new standard for bait crafting.

💡 Craft with Confidence: Create without worries, guided by a safe and non-yellowing formula that promises brilliance. Every cast becomes a tribute to your dedication, as baits made with our Liquid Plastisol captivate fish with their lifelike appearance and captivating motion.

🔥 Built to Withstand Heat: Conquer high temperatures without hesitation. Our Liquid Plastisol is built to handle heat exceptionally well, ensuring your creative process goes smoothly. Reheat multiple times without losing clarity – it's a formula designed to meet your highest expectations.

🎈 Endless Versatility: From squirming worms to gliding swimbaits, from grubs to craws, and the finesse baits you envision – our formula is incredibly versatile. Your ideas come to life as soft baits that imitate the allure of nature, promising a dance that lures even the trickiest catches.

🐟 Unleash Irresistible Movement: Introduce fish (and yourself) to a world of captivating action. Our Liquid Plastisol infuses your baits with consistent movement that fish simply can't resist. Each cast holds the potential for exciting encounters and unforgettable moments of angling.

✨ Outstanding Features:

Low Scent with fewer Bubbles Impressive Heat Resilience Exceptional Clarity No Color Fading, No Burning No Compacted Clumps Moderate Buoyancy 🔧 Specifications:

Type: Liquid Plastisol Soft Plastic Perfect for: Worms, Swimbaits, Grubs, Craws, Finesse Baits, and More Embrace excellence with our Liquid Plastisol – a true testament to skill and dedication by [Manufacturer's Name]. Illuminate your bait crafting artistry and redefine fishing greatness with each and every cast.



  • The plastisol being used must be heated to 325-350 degrees Fahrenheit (163-177 Celsius). Do NOT overheat.
  • Spilling or splashing hot plastisol can cause serious burns.
  • Always wear an approved respirator and safety goggles when heating plastisol.  Wear gloves, closed toe shoes and a long sleeve shirt and pants to protect against burns and splatters.
  • Work in well ventilated areas.  Heated plastisol off gasses so adequate ventilation is a must.
  • Never let other liquids come into contact with hot plastisol.
  • If the plastisol accidentally burn please evacuate the area until all the smoke and fumes have dissipated.


  • Plastisol is a milky white liquid that when heated to correct temperatures will turn clear and into a syrup type consistency.
  • MIXING before each use is very important.  We recommend using a paddle type mixer and mixing for 2-4 minutes before each use.  Be sure to mix the bottom of the container thoroughly.  Mix slowly and gently not to cause bubbles, Never shake or mix vigorously plastisol as it will cause micro bubbles.


  • We recommend using a melting pot with a slow mixer for best results.  Melting pots insure the plastisol is heated evenly and reduces the chances of burning the plastisol.
  • Microwave Heating {Pyrex Cup}
  • Fill the Pyrex cup 4-8 ounces.
  • Heat the plastisol for 1 minute and then gently stir.
  • Heat an additional 30 seconds and repeat this process until the plastisol becomes clear and is in a syrup consistency.  Normally the max heating is between 1:30 to 2 minutes.
  • Once the plastisol is clear we recommend adding glitter, coloring, salt or approved scents into your heated plastisol.  You can then slowly mix the ingredients together.
  • Bubbles:  The best way to prevent bubbles is by gentle stirring.  Shaking or mixing at high speeds creates air bubbles. TIP – Heat the plastisol so that it gets into melt stage,  let the plastisol cool for about 5 minutes and then reheat it back into melt stage.  Majority of time this will eliminate most bubbles.


  • Plastisol should be stored in a controlled environment and from 50-90 degrees F.
  • It is very important to keep unused plastisol sealed between uses.  If moisture contaminates the plastisol it will cause bubbles.
  • Plastisol will seperate over time so it is important to thoroughly mix the plastisol before every use.  Plastisol that has set for a long period of time will need additional mixing time before use. 

Imported from BaitPlastics and packaged in Canada by CMA Distributing under Master-Angler brand