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Personalized Lures

Greetings Master Anglers,
I hope you are all enjoying winter so far. Those of you fortunate enough to be in an area where the ice is thick enough to go ice fishing, enjoy!. For the rest of us, please use discretion as the ice is still quite thin in many areas. Be safe!

What’s new?
Personalized custom lures. You can create your own personalized custom lure online here. Whether you want to create a larger quantity for your business, wedding, special event, or you want a one off custom lure for your spouse, friend, mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother or any other loved one, we have the product custom made to suit your requirements.

We’ve had a great variety of requests for personalized lures so far that exceeded our expectations. We’ve done lures for vacation resorts, fishing charters, plowing match, lures with pets faces, couples in love, and even a marriage proposal. (She said yes)

Our personalized engraved novelty product has also been well received. We’ve covered the entire country shipping the product to Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. If your province was left out, you can represent by ordering here
engraved lure

Cheers everyone. Fish-On!

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