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painting crank baits

Painting Crankbaits - Newly Found Passion

I will start by saying, I have no artistic talent. I've never been good at drawing, painting or anything artistic. I can follow instructions, but my paint by numbers never looked good.

I watched a couple of videos and viewed some facebook groups that show off people's painted lures. Was amazed at how beautiful and professional the designs were from group members. I thought to myself, I won't be able to do anything that good, but do the fish care if they are not perfect?

Why attempt this? The reason is two-fold. First, whenever I have a good crankbait that is working, or a fishing parter has one, I can never seem to find a similar item. Lures and baits made in mass are not necessarily transferable to the lakes I fish on. Some are, but a mass produced lure meant for fishing in southern USA may not be the best tool for fishing a small fishing hole in southern Ontario. Second, it would be, and is very gratifying catching a fish on a lure that you created/painted. I can "match the hatch" of the baitfish of the local lakes.

Supplies used

lure bodies found here

airbrush (iwata)

createx air brush paint

stencil, masking tape, screen material

split rings and hooks